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Recently had a baby after my 22 year old girlfriend to have sex for a while, he has gone mad, as they have been used for a dirty little slut, sex has become rare and were a bit mechanical and straw I had to resort to dirty and remember 19 years old girl I met almost four years, take my cock out of her ass in the park before licking and sucking me while pissing all over my hand used, how things had changed.. That was until yesterday afternoon. With the baby sleeps and very angry Gemma bottle of wine, bring to me and Sambuca shots had been kissing me just revistasvip hit some porn in which they agree in rapid ( result! ) I should mention that Gemma is very fair prety stained, 5-foot -high two tits, ass huge sexy I've seen, but we sat and watched porn, girl sucking a couple of guys with big cocks and young cock very dirty and playing with her pussy fucked, as usual. I could see the eyes of the gemsglued to the screen and I could say I enjoyed the show, so he went and began to pull her dress over her revistasvip knees, and high enough to see her thong little tight, do not mind looking at the screen. Then she spoke of her breasts, she has, and started squeezing and rubbing her nipples hard. My cock was hard now and just ducked suddenly turned to me and pusshed her wet tongue in my mouth, she moaned and writhed in everything I could get my hand between her legs and rubbed her ass through her ​​panties feel I always was very wet and took him aside to expose her shaved little pussy and I slid my fingers tite rite the hole as deep as he kisses me and she began to mourn as I rubbed her clitoris with one hand and pressed his great tits with the other. 'Lick my ass,' he demanded, and got off the couch and moved to the bed, leaned back and legs wide revistasvip strip Spred knees to your chestIts rear end and suspension of ass in the face. I dove straight in and licked her clit hard and fast, enjoying the scent of her start dripping, stuck my tongue out of its hole, it was so fucking wet, and she was screaming and wrything in bed. IStart ass lick her sweet and she put her finger on her clit red painted and rubbed prety fast and hard as I licked her ass, I put a revistasvip finger on her pussy hole and she came to my face. I walked up to me and kissed her, grabbed her breasts while spitting the whole hand and began to masturbate hard cock rock hard and fast. She pushed me on my back and me and kept her panties stradled aside slid down her pussy rite on my cock and started fucking me fast twists back on my cock while I licked and sucked her nipples. Began spraying milk from her breast as she pushed hard it was all over my body, my chest and face, into my mouth and I felt like my dick deep into the soil toAcer back when she returned. I took it and on his back and removed her panties all, as I swung her legs forced apart and it revistasvip was my cock in her pussy and took very strong, the head back by her hair and grabbed her face Innocent prety little, 'that's it, she whispered in my ear, Fuking rape me', which had a dirty fucking smile on her face, and I just wanted to abuse the little bitch. He hit me in the very, very hard and held his arms revistasvip above his head, 'more difficult' made ​​fun of me 'the hardest thing Fuking ' I was really stuck now actually trying to hurt her pussy while winding me, but just smiled and saw that dirty smile and said. ' Make it harder for me out and turned as he lay on his stomach pushed his ass in the air and made my way and stradled throbbing cock into her from behind and pulled her hair, when fuked deep with quick strokes, I put my hand over his face and grabbed himforces with open mouth took hold of my fingers 'as they suck cock to suck someone elses Fuking scum,' said the pull toward her and began licking revistasvip as I fucked her before she pushed the shoe to the final in the neck and began choking and quickly head floating 'You damn bitch arnt you? ' He said, ' mmm.. yeah 2 she said, revistasvip ' tell me that demanded ' I am revistasvip a dirty fucking scum ' revistasvip before she I again revistasvip pushed his finger in the throat screaming. I have it andtold bedside he was doing, I grabbed the hair on my cock and slipped it into his mouth. I love sucking cock up her pussy after he was ( even better if you sucked it up after its been her ass, but that's another story! ) I pulled my dick dripping pussy juice and saliva from the mouth and turned on the bed. I masturbated for a second looking at me through his Bant showed revistasvip her ass and her pussy looked so sexy and so I pushed again and threw rite hard in this bed, 'I want to face so hard,' he groaned as he pulled out and shot stream after stream of thick white cum all over her ass and ass cheeks. After our breath told me she wanted to fuck and she returned to wrigled all in my lap as the site of Fanny fucked and talk about what a bitch who used to work with it, before it met in by the time he was 19 years ago had pulled about 15 men with three additions and shit and fucked by her best friend, I was hard again and put it on my cock and went back into his hole, and now I was talking dirty beat her ass and tits licked while I said all the keys and got sucked as if they had been all her dirty little pussy that was soo fukin activated at this time, when................. The baby woke up and interrupted me in the afternoon! ! haha But my dirty little friend revistasvip is back and I love you more than ever !!!!! fukin
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